Welcome to Friday's League of Legends Daily Fantasy preview for DraftKings today we have a bumper edition with 2 big DraftKings slates up for grabs.


Today’s 1st feature contest is the LOL $200K Golden Chalice ($50,000 to 1st) on DraftKings and a $25,000 Elder Dragon for $4 entry for the LPL playoff game between Team WE and TOP Esports + the OPL (Oceanic Pro League) Grand Final between Legacy Esports and Dire Wolves. Great to see some “down under” action! 


Also in today’s preview is Day 3 of the European Masters. DraftKings have posted the LOL $125K Shock Blast ($25,000 to 1st) on DraftKings and a $8,000 Elder Dragon for $4 entry. 


So the opening slate is the best of 5 games so we are going to see some super scores from the players today. The EU Masters is just the best of 1 game and hence the variance we have seen so far.


Let’s start with a quick preview of the LPL/OPL matchup as this has more money in the pools. 


Here are today’s bookies odds with action getting underway at 1600 AEST and the current odds from Beteasy as of 1100 AEST



The Grand Final between LGC and DW kicks off the slate and I will provide a quick snapshot of the lineups and key stats from the OPL Split 1. 


Legacy Esports (Finished 1st in the League)


TOP - Topoon $6,200 - 2.86 Kills per Game / 6.95 Assists per Game / KDA 6.87

JNG - Babip $6,800 - 3 Kills per Game / 7.67 Assists per Game / KDA 5.21

MID - Tally $7,200 - 3 Kills per Game / 6.45 Assists per Game / KDA 7.43

ADC - Raes $7,600 - 4.86 Kills per Game / 6.14 Assists per Game / KDA 6.79

SUP - Isles $5,400 - 1.33 Kills per Game / 9.81 Assists per Game / KDA 7.09


Dire Wolves (Finished 3rd in the League)


TOP - Chippys $5,800 - 2.76 Kills per Game / 4.29 Assists per Game / KDA 3.08

JNG - Mir $6,400 - 2.4 Kills per Game / 5.95 Assists per Game / KDA 2.88

MID - Shok $7,000 - 3.14 Kills per Game / 4.52 Assists per Game / KDA 3.74

ADC - Vital $7,400 - 3.2 Kills per Game / 4.7 Assists per Game / KDA 3.85

SUP - Cupcake $5,000 - 0.46 Kills per Game / 9.92 Assists per Game / KDA 4.09


Pretty clear from the data that LGC were the dominant team in the OPL with a games record of 18-3 and easily made the final by knocking off 2nd seed Chiefs Esports 3-1 in the playoffs. The odds are short for LGC with kill totals set at 25.5 per map and a handicap of 6.5. 


Not considering DW in cash for this 2 game slate but I am interested in stacks from LGC. Topoon, Raes, Isles are key players for small stacks. 


LPL - TOP Esports vs Team WE


TOP ($1.19 Favourite / 17.5 Over/Under Kills per game)

WE ($4.30 Dog / 11 Over/Under Kills per game)


Will the giant run of Team WE continue? Tough ask with a dominant TOP side who finished 4th in the league with an overall record of 11-5. Players such as Jiumeng, Teacherma and beishang have just been on fire and represent some great value in DraftKings pricing as massive dogs. 


TOP however will probably win the series and probably will do it with one leg in the air. Popular targets such as JackeyLove and Knight will be the most popular plays on the slate by far. Captain choice will be critical and JNG Karsa will be also popular as lineups will look for salary savings.  


European Masters Day 3


Gee didn’t Day 2 throw up some wild games (looking at you Fnatic and Wizards) and the action continues on Day 3. 

Here are today’s bookies odds with action getting underway at 0200 AEST (Saturday Morning) and the current odds from Beteasy as of 1100 AEST



Books Kill Totals for Day 3 


WIZ vs ESB = 28.5 (spread is -2.5 to WIZ)

Mouz vs FNC.R = 28.5 (spread is -2.5 to mouz)

VGIA vs DK = 26.5 (spread is -9.5 to VGIA)

LDLC vs AGO = 28.5 (spread is -0.5 to LDLC)

BTXL vs GL = 29.5 (spread is -5.5 to BTXL)

GO vs YDN = 26.5 (spread is -10.5 to GO)


Haven’t we got a slate of tight matches today! After the Wizards knocked FNC.R the head to head line against ESB was flipped and the WIZ are slight favourites today. This brings the cheap players on DraftKings into play especially MID Lukezy ($7,000). Lukezy has a whopping 19 kills with 11 assists through 2 games and led the Wiz on Thursday. But the ownership is going to be pretty high. Hence I want pieces from ESB. JNG Jejky ($7,000) leads the team in KP% and whilst he has only scored 2 kills in two games so far, this is his best chance to get things going for ESB.


Safest team today is the French outfit Gamers Origin who should demolish the Italian outfit YDN. This won’t be close and players such as JNG Bluerzor $7,600 and ADC XDSMILEY $8,200, whilst expensive are great for cash builds. 


UPDATE - The Wizards have been smashed in betting now showing a 1.68 quote at 5 hours before lock (was 2.10 yesterday) and now represent fantastic value on DraftKings. Also shortening in price is AGO who have also come into 1.73. However AGO best player on the team is Woolite ($6,400) and he leads the team with a KDA of 4.55 (4.2 Kills per game and 6 assists per game) which is so-so but at that cheap ADC price, is in a great captain spot for an ADC.


Matchups to target


GO over YDN


Be wary of Wiz but trending to a great play

Punt on FNC.R (need to get back on track against a strong mouz team)

VGIA over DK

Too close to call for BTXL & GL in my opinion.


Key Targets on the Slate


TOP - Tolkin $6,200

TOP - Shemek $6,800

JNG -  Zanazrah $6,000

JNG - Rabble $5,600

MID - toucouille $8,000

MID - LIDER $7,800

ADC - Woolite $6,400

ADC - xMatty $7,200

SUP - Mystiques $4,400

SUP - Bravado $5,600


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