It is Draftstars Live Final week where by Sunday evening we will be celebrating our first ever $100,000 1st place prize winner!


And what better way to get involved by backing in your favourite Draftstars finalist to go all the way! 


With thanks to the good folks at Playup - The Playup traders have painstakingly gone through the data, researched previous results, set up surveillance in your home and then asked a mate of a mate who knows your second cousin to present this market.

Got a favourite who you are keen on taking the belt? Is anyone overs or unders for the event? There are plenty of Team DFR members looking to take down the crown from ‘asanque’ or could the current champion go back to back! Gee there is some juicy markets here and the team at Playup have indicated that they will be fair and reasonable.


Jump onto Playup now and check out the market in the sports special section! 


Good Luck!  And as always 18+ only and gamble responsibly!

Always remember to gamble responsibly. When the fun stops, stop. If gambling is having a negative impact on your life, seek support at Gambling Help Online.  18+ only.