After watching Fantasy Labs Co-Founder Jonathan Bales complete 2400 pushups in 12 hours the team at DFR thought Smatho (Luke Mathyssen) was up for some sought of physical challenge.

After seeing his noodle arms, we were back to the drawing board and thought we could reach out to the Aussie DFS community.


After putting out the call on social media we were immediately inundated with suggestions for an Aussie version. Majority of those suggestions were more akin to what Aussie’s are good at. Eating. Eating a lot of junk!


With the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world, we thought a challenge will brighten up the Aussie fantasy sports community. These are challenging times for all and these challenges extend to this upcoming Easter period. Most importantly charitable organisations are unable to get together like in the past and raise funds.


The Good Friday Appeal is tradition in Victoria as the state raises funds for the 330,000+ Children who are admitted to the Royal Children’s Hospital for emergency or specialist care. Unfortunately the famous Good Friday Telethon will not proceed this year so we thought the team at DFR and the wider fantasy community can come together and raise some much needed funds.


Stepping up to the plate in our “DFR Nugget Challenge” are two brave participants who said 'no worries' in putting their digestive system to the test. Now to introducing our eating machine competitors...  


The first participant to step into the eating chair is Clinton Gray, Market Development Manager for DraftKings Australia.  Clinton is already praying for guidance and assistance from above on his social media, but as an ex elite athlete, he believes he has the tools to take this title down. Clinton takes on the “People’s Chatbox” Parks, who is the man of the people in the Aussie DFS community, always there with an opinion or witty tweet to chime in on any topic. Parks talks up a small to medium size game, but will need to bring out the big guns for success in this prestigious challenge!.



DFR Nugget Challenge Details


A winner will be crowned based on a few criteria. There is a 20 minute limit to the challenge, so last man standing will be the winner. Additionally there is also a 60 nugget limit, so first person to eat 60 or to eat the most in 20 minutes will claim the title of DFR Nugget Challenge Champion 2020.


Nugget Type: McDonalds

Sauces: TBA - please check DFR social on Tuesday for a viewer poll to decide.

Drinks to be consumed during challenge: Coca-Cola (as voted for by the Aussie DFS Community)

Disqualification rules: If you throw up, you're out. If you die, you're out. If you "suspiciously" lose internet connection, you're out. 

Goal: To Raise as much funds for the Good Friday Appeal and have a few laughs while we are all stuck in isolation. You can donate directly to The Good Friday Appeal, or make a pledge based on how many nuggets are eaten, similar to what DFS Veteran and #TeamDFR member Procession did last night





The Challenge will be streamed live on Thursday evening (8th of April) with the stream to commence at 2000 AEST on our Facebook page -


To support Clinton and Parks, we would like you to pledge to the Good Friday Appeal. Whether it is a straight donation or a x amount per nugget consumed.


DFR have set up a Virtual Tin through the Good Friday Appeal website - click on the banner to Donate to the Appeal.



The official “Weigh-in” was conducted on Sunday evening and according to the participants, Parks was keeping his cards close to his chest (playing the ignorance card) whilst Clinton had already started his preparation by getting to know his nugs. Watch the interviews below with Smatho and Adgee.



Spread the message far and wide and pledge your support to a great charitable cause. For more fun and information throughout this week, keep an eye out on our social media Twitter and Facebook


Once again if you would like to donate access our Good Friday Rattle Tin here