Daily Fantasy Rankings Register

In order to compete in Daily Fantasy Sports competitions, you will need to know how to create a DFS account. The process is generally hassle free.

A similar process is used at most Australian DFS sites. At Draftstars you click on the ‘Sign Up’ button on the top right corner, then enter in your name, email address, preferred password and date of birth.

At DraftKings you can sign-up by simply using your Facebook Log in details, or if you prefer, you can create an account using the same process as the previous sites.


The homepage at SportChamps has a “Play Now” button in the middle of the screen. Simply click on that and fill in the few fields and away you go!


Once you have signed up to the sites that you prefer, it is recommended that you then create an account at Daily Fantasy Rankings. At the very top right corner of the webpage is a "Sign Up" button. Simply click on that button, fill in all of the fields in the pop up window and then click on Register. Make sure you add your username to your profile as well.

Once done you will be able to track all your DFS activity across all the sites in one convenient location.

After winning, you can go to the Rankings page to see how you compare with your friends and other players from around the country.

Daily Fantasy Rankings

Now you can take the next step, making a deposit. This guide will help you make a deposit and have you entering contests in no time!

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