The NRL is the world’s leading Rugby League competition and it is based in Australia. Every year the competition sees its 16 teams play 24 matches apiece before embarking on a 4 weeks finals campaign. This guide will show you how Daily Fantasy NRL works.

There are a host of competitions in Australia running in varying formats. Some are season-long campaigns, such as the contest run at SportChamps, while many others are daily fantasy NRL contests, providing the opportunity to play each game on the calendar, such as the contests you'll find on Draftstars 

If you haven’t yet played Daily Fantasy NRL, we will explain it all for you right here so that you can join in on these contests and be on your way to winning money!

Just like in the NRL, all the players have a price and you will be restricted by a salary cap. You also have to pick a set number of players. Each site has their own specific system as to how your fantasy team is to be made up:

At Draftstars you have to select 9 players in your squad, with 2 wingers/fullbacks, 1 centre, 1 half, 2 second row forwards, 1 hooker and 2 front row forwards.

Each site has a similar scoring system, with their own unique values, however some aspects of each are the same:

- Scoring tries earns players the most points, while points are also awarded for goals and field goals scored.

- Points are also earnt for every try assist, tackle break, offload, line break, tackle and metre gained.

- Points are deducted for every error.

Unique differences:

At Draftstars:

- Award points for line break assists and metres gained from kicks

- Deduct points for every missed tackle


There are many statistics to look at and while it may be tempting to go for players who are strong in one high scoring field, it’s better to look for players who are consistently strong in a number of areas. Forwards are consistently strong point scorers and are a good place to invest your available funds.

It’s also worth considering the form of players and their opponents as these can play a role in how each player will score. With that all down, you now know how NRL daily fantasy works!

With that, you’re good to go. Be sure to create an account with us at Daily Fantasy Rankings so that you can easily stay on top of all your contest results and winnings. And be sure to stay in touch with us as we will bring you all the news on upcoming NRL DFS tournaments, while providing strategy tips to help you pick your fantasy sports teams.