TopBetta Betting Tournaments

At first look it may seem that Poker Tournaments and Betting Tournaments are completely different but there are a lot of similarities in terms of structure and strategies that can be applied to have a successful result in each forms of tournaments. That's we have taken a look at the similarities between poker and TopBetta betting tournaments. 

In each tournament - both poker and betting - participants will begin with the same starting stack and they will attempt to accumulate as many ‘chips’ or tournament money as possible - in TopBetta these are called 'BettaBucks'.

Of course in Poker you will need to increase your stack by taking it from your opponents whereas in betting tournaments you will simply rely on your betting selection winning.

However, the strategies that can be applied to accumulating your starting amount can be the same in both tournaments.

You can attempt to apply a lot of pressure by taking a loose and riskier approach whilst it is also possible to be conservative and tight.

There are also adjustments to your strategy that need to be made throughout the tournament depending on your situation.

In poker if you have a smaller stack and the blinds are increasing you will need to take a riskier approach and move all-in to accumulate chips.

This is the same in betting tournaments as near the end of the competition if you aren’t near the top of the leader boards it is likely you will need to put your entire stack on the line to climb to the top.

If you are close to the top in poker and betting tournaments your strategy will again adjust as you can choose to either apply pressure by continuing to grow your stack or you can sit back, pick your spots and wait to see what the people below you on the leader board are able to accomplish.

Strategy isn’t the only similarities between the betting and poker tournaments as you are able to enter similar structured events.

The buy-ins, fields, guaranteed tournaments all vary for both poker and betting tournaments.

Satellites are also ran for both competitions which allow you to pay a buy-in amount and a selected amount of participants will qualify into a larger tournament that generally has a massive guaranteed prize pool.

These types of tournaments allow punters to take a smaller investment and end up in a position to receive a massive return, as the prize pools will increase for every person that has entered.

So if you love to play poker tournaments, you might find yourself having a basic knowledge and edge when playing betting tournaments at TopBetta