As we all know 2020 was a different year for the AFL but one thing that remained constant was Daily Fantasy AFL. I was able to give shoutouts to the Australian DFS community regardless how huge or small in the "Two Thumbs Up" segment on the DFS Down Under Show. This year I wanted to celebrate the lucky players who recieved a shout out throught out the season. So let me present to you "The Thumbies"

The Thumbies were presented at a mock ceremony that you can see in the DFR DFS Down Under Show in the video above. But to elaborate on further winners, let's hand out some more "shoutouts/awards" for 2020 including: 


  • Services to multiple thumbs up goes to Stimpy870 for appearing twice in the thumbs up segment.
  • Single Bullet thumbs up winner of the year goes to Ryanryno for this $10,000 hit from one entry.
  • Small stakes crusher of the year - BVB21 (16 wins at either micro/mini/fiver level) for 12th place on the DFR leaderboard for the AFL. Just under $40,000 in prize money 
  • Rookie of the year - Fishcake 4th overall in prize money this season with over $200,000 in AFL prize money. 14 tournament wins and a real late surgence in prize money.
  • Most improved playerKingsley. After a pretty barren 2019, Kingsley built a very impressive season with 11 wins in the AFL mainly at micro and mini level but there were a couple big contest wins as well. 
  • Bridesmaid of the year - This player only won 1 tournament all season long but still managed to be top 15 ranked for the AFL on Draftstars this season. You may think of it as a down season but the Bridesmaid can go to jbarret16.
  • Heartache award - This goes to a player not once but twice was dudded on late adjustments. Thus denying a tournament win. He eventually broke through and won a big slate. Congrats to LiamSwan 
  • 6th man of the year - Fatebender, we caught the fury of the 'bender' this season posting some ridiculous tournament wins, then mysteriously disappeared… 12 wins and over $175,000 but doesn’t make the all-star 5. But does get the 6th man of the year. 


All Star Five


Stimpy870 - $170,000 in prize money and 5 wins but these came late in the season including a $16,000 collect in the finals. Always maxing out a contest but is always there abouts in his unique lineup building style. 


Fishcake - Already touched on the cake but came into DFS world with a bang and backed it up with multiple tournament wins. 


Jayk123 - the GOAT makes the all-star team on the back of consistency. 9 wins and an accumulation of $270,000 in prize money. Properly hate me for saying it but goddam alot of 2nd place finishes this year. Still money I guess!


Broady4 - Massive year for the WA gun who time after time put his lineups in winning positions through his sharp plays. Without doubt the strongest player in the back end of the season with 21 wins and over $320,000 in prize money. 


RWhelan09 - The King. You cannot discount the number 1 ranked DFR member in the nation in your all star five. Many tried to replicate his play but you cannot deny the ability of this player. 31 season wins and over $480,000 in prize money! For RWhelan, he now needs to finish 3rd in a Draftstars tournament over $75,000 to increase his DFR points for rankings purposes. While Broady has a say in the conversation, RWhlean is the best player in Australian AFL DFS.


As I mention in the DFS Down Under Show above - thank you to all of the viewers of the show and thank you to all of the readers on DFR. We look forward to bringing more AFL content in 2021!